Alleria Changelog

Alleria, Theme

– added license for scrollfix;

– fixed masonry on index.php;
– menu is sticky when width is higher than 750px;

– fixed centering when there are no widgets in the sidebar;
– menu now sticks to the top;

– content area centers if there are no widgets on the sidebar;
– fixed comments pagination;
– removed recommended plugin notice;
– added blockquote styling;
– moved footer outside the #page div to fix height issues;

– fixed avatar class;
– added table styling;
– changed post navigation style;
– added search in main menu opening a search form below the menu;
– reworked header, hiding site title and tagline in customizer just hides them instead of resizing the header too;
– increased header height;
– increased featured image hight;
– moved featured image above the post title and categories below it;
– added widget area in the footer;
– sidebar is now sticky (always visible when you scroll);

– fixed recommended-plugins.php file being broken by notepad++;
– added scroll to top button in the footer;
– improved sticky footer;